About Us

Imaginary Friends is a clothing brand created in Toronto with the goal of bridging the gap between ethical clothing and fun styles. We are committed to producing quality, unique pieces while amplifying the female perspective in apparel.As avid shoppers, we have always found it challenging to find pieces that reflect our eclectic personalities while also being produced with ethical and responsible practices. With our love for apparel and style inspired by cities such as Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Tokyo, we decided to create our brand.

Why Shop With Us?

The three of us all have unique educational backgrounds and personal lives that led us to where we are today. Hannah and Olivia became friends back in 2016 at Ryerson University while studying media arts. During a trip to the UK back in 2019, the three of us decided we wanted to create our own brand but weren't exactly sure what that brand would be. After a year of throwing some ideas back and forth, the three of us came up with Imaginary Friends. Our mission is to create fun, versatile pieces that can be worn by anyone while not compromising our ethics and the lives of those that make our clothing.